Kriti our PTA parent shared in a group message” Teachers all over the world now are investing their time and often compromising on their priorities for your child’s literacy and development “. All responded with appreciation

Running and heading schools, as I am, my continual ambition is to knit the parent school community in a way where both staff and parents internalise the feeling of being stakeholders and each others support system in all that affects the development of the children. Over the years, instead of bridging this gap there is an alienation between school and parent community and both organisations function with barriers between them which works negatively for our children. My wish list consists of a rewind in time where things were less complicated and a bond between parent and school was more.

Sharing a read from a fellow blogger wherein both parents and teachers could work in tandem.

Making This Thing Work-

Posted on June 2, 2019

A letter which your children’s teacher left unsent ….

Now, there are a lot of things for ME to do. Classroom management, curriculum choices… I could drown in all the thinking I need to do to prepare for next fall.

But the truth is, to make this thing work… The parent has some work to do as well.

My biggest struggle was dealing with unmotivated, disruptive learners.

I can’t help but wonder, though, what parents are expecting out of this system. I just want to take a moment to empower the parents for a bit – YOU are in charge of homeschooling your family. I know that feels like I’m dumping a burden on you (sorry to bust your bubble but that burden is already there) but I’m saying this to give you the courage and strength to make this work! Part-time classroom learning is meant to be the best of both worlds; distributing the weight of the education evenly between you and educational support, both you and me in partnership with your so that the student gets a great school experience and a great HOME experience.

The HOME experience falls entirely on you. At a minimum, I need parents to state the expectations for homework and enforce them. At most, our children would thrive if you captured our classroom experience and built on it.

Subject teachers only meet two days a week for one hour and fifteen minutes (per subject). It is not a sufficient year-round school program without homework. Beyond the homework there is so much you can do that only you can do: Read aloud. Field trips. Movies or documentaries. Cooking projects. Interviews. Once your child is home, how well this takes off is up to you!

I’m willing to work with anyone through anything except a bad attitude! So don’t be afraid to take charge. If there’s too much writing, use “talk to text” and type up the homework assignments. Ask if the child can do half the problems if it’s taking them longer than expected to complete at home. Draw instead of write if inspiration hits that way. And if you want your child to do extra credit, assign it yourself! At home, you’re the teacher.


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